Portals in raycasting (bugfixes by TehShadowz)
made by Never
uploaded by TehShadowz
download cartridge


Hello! I made a new version of this cart. I have completely rewritten the code from scratch, and added a lot of new features, such as textures, sounds, new blocks and more! Not to mention that the new cart runs much much smoother in comparison. You can check it out here:

I (TehShadowz) do not own this game/demo. It was originally posted by Never (, but I noticed there were some bugs with the 3D rendering code that caused a fish eye lens effect, so I decided to fix them. I also changed how things get teleported to allow seamless trips between portals, physically realistic vision of what's on the other side, and prevent the player from glitching inside the portals. But regardless, all credit goes to Never.

My notes:
It is not recommended to play this game on the browser, as performance and quality might not be that great. (Although Never has done a brilliant job by creating an automatic quality settings system, it doesn't completely solve the problem). Surf using your downloaded version of TIC-80 or save this cartridge to your devide in order to play and get a decent experience out of it ;)
Original description by Never:

well yes
it's portals in raycasting
You can't place portals on all walls, only on light ones.
Quality will automatically change if FPS is low.

A,B - rotate camera
X - place blue portal
Y - place orange portal



this is pretty cool. Great work all who were involved!

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