Adventure game Template
made by Kikeroga
uploaded by kikeroga
download cartridge


This is an adventure game template.
You can use this freely.

Game operation:
[Up / Down] Command selection
[Z] Command decision
[A] Clear save data (Start from first scene when game restart)
[S] Save (Start from save point when game restart)

If you're going to make one:
Prepare a scene picture in the map area with a size of 15x8 cells.
Its picture with is given a number from 0 to 271.

Describe a scenario in variable "scn".
If the text is written in uppercase alphabet, it will be displayed in English.
If the text is written in the lowercase letters combination (romaji), it will be displayed in Japanese Hiragana.
You can also enclose them in '{' and '}' to display Katakana.

There is a tool to convert text written in Hiragana and Katakana to romaji.

There are only 8 commands:

@GRP [Grp no.] [Person no.] ...
@BGM [Track no.|OFF]
@SEL [Label] [String]
@JMP [Label]
@FLG [Flag no.] [Val.]
@IF [Flag no.] [Val.] [Label]

Update 14-Feb '21:
- Added Drury Lane :D
- The person graphic is flipped horizontally by specifying a minus number.

If you are using the TIC-80 pro version, you can also use the sprites and map areas of banks 1-7 by specifying the graphic number 272 or later in the "@GRP" command.

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