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windsocks koi for 2021/5/5
made by Popolon
uploaded by Popolon
download cartridge


Koi nobori 鯉幟/鯉のぼり is a carp shaped windsock for may 5th (5月5日), during the tengo (端午) festival, a festival originated from China in Fifth day of fifth month of Luni-solar calandar.

The demo automove in the scene, you can move it interactively (with cursor keys and button 1/2 (w/x), it will stop demo. After a delay of inaction, it will return to the demo mode

Made documentation about my lua 2D vector class used here. I will probably add some lua class or basic functions here:

Update 2021.05.17 (22:33)
* Add procedural generated clouds in background
* Center a little bit more on windsocks and reduce rotation, during autorotaiton phase

Update 2021.05.09 (14:05)
* add some auto-perspective move, following same projection than Dragonou:
* add interaction: if key pressed, the viewer can move in the scene, else after a delay, the demo mode restart where it was paused with a small transition.

Update 2021.05.09 (10:20)
* Add mother and child

Update 2021.05.08 (16:15)
* Add fins

Update 2021.05.08 (15:00)
* Make things still more generic, separate the four bands on the multicolor windsock.

Update 2021.05.08 (00:10)
* Add second windsock and put them on a bamboo that oscillate with wind

Update 2021.05.06 (22:05)
* Modified behavior of the koi nobori to be nearer from the orignal one, removed wind strokes for something looking less buggy (don't have a nice effect in this case), will apply it to a more light structure perhaps.
* Vector 2D class have 2 new function that avoid several generic useless computation in this case, and corrected a bug (call of atn instead of at for arctan.

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