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Tech > TIC80 WINDOW API V1.0

Customizable windows with isolated contexts
made by Szecska
uploaded by szecska
download cartridge


This is a customisable window API for the TIC-80.
I figured that no one made such thing yet so I made this... for almost 2 years? Yeah, not really proud on that one since it's still a big mess. (I put away the project for a year)

- Fully customizable windows
- Windows have separate contexts, the built-in APIs are modified to fit into the windows
- Render and update cycles
- The player can move and resize the windows (almost) freely
- You can prevent windows from closing or getting resized
- You can set the frame, and buttons' color
- You can add or remove the usual Minimize, Fullscreen and Close buttons
- You can detect if the window has gained or lost focus

Not everything is ready yet, but the project is in a state that I can release.

You can submit issues, find the library code and find more information at:

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